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Friday, October 29, 2004

The Chanley's

The Chanley's
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Look. At. Them. Now that's a happy family ready for Halloween. The whole fam damily is geared up and showing off their costumes. Being that Max is an avid train-aholic, the whole family is sportin' the Engineer look.

Max is a sweetie pie. His big reward for pooping on the potty was to ride a real live train. So the whole fam damily rode the train in French Lick and all came home with Engineer caps. How fun. Now, Tessa is a cutie patootie, but the jury is out on whether I really like her or not since she always picks on my poor defenseless Cora. Since Cora has been born Tessa has:
* poked her in the eye
* tried to squeeze her to death with a hug
* threw a hard plastic toy and hit my poor baby in her big 'ol melon head.
(and hard telling what she does when we aren't looking!)

Would you still love a kid that did that? Well you would if you knew Tessa. She is the cutest damn kid, you can't help but fall in love with her big smile and pretty blue eyes. So I guess we love Tessa all the same. BUT!

Cora will be big one watch out Tessa-ree!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

My little princess

My Princess
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She loves getting her picture taken. At least I think she does. Our digital camera makes a little doot doo doot sound when it turns on. When Cora hears it, she looks at me and smiles this sort of plastered on grin. She figures she might as well get it over with or Mommy will make really stupid faces and talk really funny. Kevin says I take WAY to many pictures. Sorry honey, she just inspires me sometimes!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Precious baby Caitlyn

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This is my newest niece Caitlyn. Daughter of my brother Steve and his wife Penny. Caitlyn is a cutie. She weighed 6 lbs 10 oz and 19 inches long. She was born on Oct. 20th at 10:43 am.

Look at all my teeth!

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Cora now has six teeth. It has been a bumpy ride. She is such a sweet baby, really she is, but boy oh boy does she have her Daddy's temper. She has realized that if she wants something bad enough, she has the vocals to get what she wants.....and I said I would NEVER spoil my child. I have learned a lot when it comes to pregnancy, labor and child rearing. Never say Never. I have eaten a lot of my own words in this journey to motherhood.

I will not gain more than 25 pounds (I gained 58 pounds - which I did not tell anyone the truth besides my husband, who prayed I would break the 200 pound mark, which I didn't <196!>

I want all my friends in the delivery room with me to root me on! I won't care! (If anyone other than Kevin came in there would get "stink eye" so severe they would fall to the ground!)

I will not sleep with my baby! (Um, how do you get your kid to sleep on their own?)

I always thought motherhood would be the best thing to happen in my life. Motherhood has changed me. I never imagined it would be this hard. I never imagined it would be so rewarding!


Help me Sista, I don't know how to put pictures on here (properly)


It worked. OK, now all I need to know how to is upload pics and I am all set.

Today is Tuesday, my first day back to work. I hate this drive to Mt. Vernon. I treat myself on Tuesday's to eating a nutritious lunch. I do that since I usually pig out on the weekend. Today I had a banana split blizzard and McDonald's french fries. It made my belly hurt afterward, but it was worth it. That's why they have Tums!


I don't think I am smart enough to do this blogging thing. I don't know how to add more stuff. Let's see if this is how.