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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Look at all my teeth!

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Cora now has six teeth. It has been a bumpy ride. She is such a sweet baby, really she is, but boy oh boy does she have her Daddy's temper. She has realized that if she wants something bad enough, she has the vocals to get what she wants.....and I said I would NEVER spoil my child. I have learned a lot when it comes to pregnancy, labor and child rearing. Never say Never. I have eaten a lot of my own words in this journey to motherhood.

I will not gain more than 25 pounds (I gained 58 pounds - which I did not tell anyone the truth besides my husband, who prayed I would break the 200 pound mark, which I didn't <196!>

I want all my friends in the delivery room with me to root me on! I won't care! (If anyone other than Kevin came in there would get "stink eye" so severe they would fall to the ground!)

I will not sleep with my baby! (Um, how do you get your kid to sleep on their own?)

I always thought motherhood would be the best thing to happen in my life. Motherhood has changed me. I never imagined it would be this hard. I never imagined it would be so rewarding!


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