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Friday, January 28, 2005

To try or not to try, that is the question....

OK, so now that Cora is an almost one year old, I am having the baby blues again. I can't figure out if I really want/need a newborn or if I just miss Cora being a newborn. You really do suffer from pregnancy/labor and delivery/newborn days amnesia because if I think back to those days I think it wasn't really that bad. But if I think even HARDER, I remember that some of those days really sucked ass. I was so swollen and sore those last weeks and would cry when it was time to get out of bed because my joints were so sore from the 58 pounds of baby and fat that put on during those 9 months. Now labor, really wasn't that bad. It hurt. Don't get me wrong, but it was sooooooooo exciting and I had it pretty tearing, no stitches, just 2 roids. I was good to go. NOW, I do remember how I thought (after just 3 days home from the hospital) that the no-sleep wasn't that bad either. Then I remember just 2 days after I said that, the sleep deprivation hit me like a ton of bricks and that I was actually going to die from lack of sleep. But, it all passed and here I am with the question. Do I really want to put myself through all that crap again. Well, I know I don't want Cora to be an only child and I know I am not getting any younger, so the answer is, YES. Yes, I want to start trying. I am not saying I won't want to shoot myself in the foot during the whole process so I will have a hole in my foot as a reminder of the hell I put myself through, but I think it's time....My husband will be thrilled of all the baby making sex we are going to have. Let the fun begin!


At 7:35 AM, Blogger Kristi said...

You are cracking me up.

I had the I-need-another-baby-freakout in December, but I'm over that now.

At 6:27 AM, Blogger Kristi said...

What? No post on how your daughter is WALKING??

Dear Readers, you heard it here first. In the comments. Get with it Sara, geez.


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