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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Walk this way!

My almost one year old baby girl is trying her best at walking. It was Super Bowl Sunday, about 7:00. I was trying to put my pj's on and she was holding onto my leg wanting me to hold her. I backed up, leaving her standing on her own. I said, "Well, walk to me and I'll hold you!" She listens well, because she smiled as big as can be and walked a good seven steps to me, laughing the whole time! I almost cried. Maybe I did cry. I hugged her and put her back down and walked away and said, "do it again!" She did it again and again and again. We called Daddy and made him come home to watch. He did and we taped it. Now, she lets go of things and tries her best to walk all the time. She still smiles and laughs the whole time she is walking. I bet she thinks she is the only kid in the world that knows how to do it. I am proud of her.


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